The Big Phat American K-Lee band was conceived during a trip to England where we fell in love with English Ceilidh music and dancing. We wanted to capture the fun rowdy English ceilidh feel with our own American twist. Our callers bring lively, easy to learn, energetic dances from the English and American traditions. Our musicians are from varied musical backgrounds - contra and squares, blues, swing, and international. Blend drums, guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, saxes, clarinet, harmonica, three squeezeboxes and a banjo and you can't help but have a stompin' good time!

Dance to Big Phat at NEFFA 2017!


The Big Phat American K-Lee Band

Steve Epstein - clarinet and sax   Doug Healy - bass
Ross Harriss - sax   Rick Mohr - Melodeon, fiddle, Alto Horn
Bill Quern - fiddle, mandolin, banjos, melodeon   Adlai Waksman - accordion
Sarah Gowan - guitar, concertina   Michael Hearn - harmonica
Joe DePaulo - percussion    

        Big Phat NEFFA

(All original tunes by Sarah Gowan - arranged by the Big Phat Band)
   Big Phat Ragg   (mp3 808kb)
Nancy in a Shirttail (mp3 820kb)
January Spring (mp3 1.04mb)

   Sarah Gowan • 817 Concord Ave, Drexel Hill PA 19026 • 484-452-6298 •