Rumpus has been playing together since 1998, but between them they've been playing contradance music for about 100 years. They love what they do together, finding that new sound of traditional Old-time, Irish, English, French Canadian and New England tunes.  Sarah and Bill are joined by a couple of their friends - we'll let you know ahead of the time which grouping and instrumentation we think will work best for your event. Guaranteed fun!   
Rumpus is -    
Sarah Gowan - guitar, concertina    
Bill Quern - fiddle, mandolin, banjos, melodeon  
joined by a couple of friends...    
   Ross Harriss - sax, whistle, guitar    
   Nora Smith - fiddle    
   Rick Mohr - fiddle
   Steve Epstein - clarinets and saxes    
   Michael Hearn - harmonica    
   Adlai Waksman - accordion    
Photos by Stas Nuke

Coming Up:

9/3/10 Glenside First Fridays
                        Sarah, Bill, Rick, Michael - Dovetail Artisans, Glenside , PA  

9/18/10 Swingin' Tern Contra  
                        Sarah, Bill, Michael, Steve - Hanover, NJ 

9/25/10 Live Joy Fall Festival
                        Sarah, Bill, Steve -  Hickory Run State Park  

9/30/10 Glenside Contra  
                        Sarah, Bill, Rick, Michael - Glenside , PA  

Photos by Stas Nuke    

Audio Clips:
Bones and a Beer
  Blue Jig

  Bill Quern, 414 Stafford St, Philadelphia, PA 19144

"Oh please don't go - we'll eat you up - we love you so!"   

Recent Gigs:

 2/13/09 Lambertville Country Dancers 
  3/19/09 Glenside Contra Dance  
  3/22/09 UFWC Community Dance  
  4/4/09   Swing and Tern Contra          
  4/10/09 Gender-Free Contra
  4/18/09 Folk Project Spring Festival